The Home Appliance That Saves My Stress Levels

Are you in a rush? Running late? Do the kids need to be dropped off or picked up without delay? Oh but wait! You do not have time for breakfast and can live with that but without that cup of tea or coffee you know your day is off to a bad start! What is the fastest way to get that cup into your system? The microwave! An almost indispensable appliance one can own. home appliances hsr layout

Where would I be without the microwave? As a wife, mother, and fulltime student I can never thank the inventor of the microwave enough for this appliance. Often in a hurry to get the kids off to the childminder or to school before I have to get on with my schedule, I often find that although I may not have time to have a decent breakfast, quickly toasting a slice of bread and spreading butter on it can be done in the same time as the warming up of a nice cup of tea in my microwave. It saves time, saves gas, one can even bake or grill with this appliance and a big plus is that it is so much easier to clean than the conventional oven.

Rushing home after classes to get dinner ready in time for the kids return from their day at school, I often find that in the morning, I forgot to get the frozen meat out. Is this a dilemma? Not really! I just pop the frozen into the microwave, chose to defrost by time or by weight, turn on the microwave, and head up the stairs to change into home clothes while my appliance does its job. I come down, have time to make myself a drink, relax and wait for the machine to let me know my meat is ready to cook.

What else is as dispensable as this appliance? As with all appliances there are do’s and don’ts (no live creatures, prick a tomato or egg before microwaving) but if you abide by those simple rules, you will find that without a microwave, life would be much tougher.

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