The French Bulldog is a Great House

There are many choices when it comes to the color variations available in the coat of a French Bulldog. The guide lines of the colors are set forth by the clubs and show standards of the breed. The official standards that most breeders recognize are set by the American Kennel Club. This article was written based on those standards. If your Frenchie doesn’t quite meet their standards it’s not a big deal. He or she will still be recognized as pure bred, just not qualified to show in competitions.

The Color Standards For French Bulldogs in Show Events:
The color of the French Bulldog coat only becomes important when considering the dog for professional show purposes. Some of the coat colors and markings are not acceptable when wanting to use a French Bulldog for shows and competition events.

When a French Bulldog is presented in the show ring with French bulldog for sale  unacceptable coat colors or markings, the dog will be disqualified from competitions. All French Bulldogs that are to be shown in competitions, must meet the breed standards. Dogs that do not meet the breed standards are usually not bred with other French Bulldogs. These particular dogs are sold as pet-quality companions to people not interested in showing the dog. As a result, pet quality French Bulldogs are usually lower in price.

Standards pertaining to coat colors of a French Bulldog:
Many clubs and organizations vary in the standards required of the French Bulldogs coat. The most common standards are as follows; Brindle and white and all-brindle color combinations, fawn, white, and any colors that are not recognized as grounds to be disqualified, are acceptable for the show ring or competitions.

These coat colors are not recognized as the breed standard for the French Bulldog; a solid black coat, devoid of any brindle or white markings, mouse, liver, black and tan, black and white and white with black markings. So these versions of French Bulldogs are just considered pets and won’t qualify for the show ring, but they should still be loved!

Many owners of the French Bulldog find it difficult to determine the qualifying colors. There has been some debate deciding what each color should look like for disqualification. When purchasing a show quality dog, make sure the breeder has an extensive knowledge of the breed standards regarding coat color.

The eyes and nose should also meet the breed standards. The eyes should be dark in color with no white showing when the dog is looking forward. French Bulldogs with a lighter coat color and lighter colored eyes, are also acceptable. The breed standard for a French Bulldogs nose is black. Lighter nose colors are allowable in lighter colored dogs, however, are not preferred by judges in the show ring.

When looking to purchase a show quality French Bulldog, it is important to pay attention to the breed standards of coat colors. However, for those seeking a family companion, the wider range of colors and variances will have no bearing on selecting a French Bulldog that will become a treasured pet.


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