How to Train Golden Retriever Puppies

No! Bad puppy!” is the phrase that most people would scream and shout at their Golden Retriever puppy. Suddenly the rambunctious and energetic puppy is in a state of disgrace and shame: head dropping, tail tucked away, eyes to the floor and quietly whining; and this is when the owner’s heart melts and forgets all wrong doings. He or she gathers up the puppy, pets it and apologizes for shouting at it, while giving it a treat or a cuddle. While this is a cute little scene, what you might not know is that it negatively reinforces the puppy into thinking that even if they have done something wrong, they can get away with it if they show remorse. Here are some tips that you might want to consider when training your Golden Retriever puppy.

Tip 1: A Golden Retriever Puppy Learns From Repetition
The Retriever is a very smart breed, and they can learn lessons quickly if you place them in an established pattern. For example, puppies learn the correct schedule of feeding time when you feed them regularly and on schedule. This way, they would almost always need to relieve themselves at the same time. When that time comes, you would need to take the puppy out and allow it to relieve itself in the same spot every time. Afterwards, you should lavish it with praise and attention. In time your puppy will learn that spot as the correct place to relieve itself.

Tip 2: A Golden Retriever Puppy Learns From Your Tone of Voice
Believe it or not, a Golden Retriever can actually learn to tell how you’re feeling about its actions through your voice. For example, your puppy jumps on the couch, and each time it does, you firmly bump it off and say “No.” in a hard tone of voice. In time, your pup will not only learn not to jump on the couch, but whenever you say “No.” in that tone of voice, it will understand that you are disapproving of its actions and it will immediately stop what it’s doing. Never resort to physically hitting the puppy because it may cause the puppy to fear or resent you. golden retriever puppies colorado

Tip 3: A Golden Retriever Puppy Learns From a Reward System
Ask any dog trainer, and they’ll immediately answer that the best way to teach a Golden Retriever is through giving it a treat at the end of every trick performed correctly. The dog associates the food from the action, and once it hears the command, it springs into performing the action, eager to get the food. Some trainers may use objects like clickers and whistles, but this is mainly to get the puppy’s attention.

Tip 4: A Golden Retriever Puppy Learns From Consistency
Make sure that everyone else with whom the puppy has constant contact, is teaching your puppy the same lessons that you are. Don’t wonder why the puppy still jumps on the couch when you’re training it not to when your family or friends lets it curl up on the sofa when you’re not around. You’ll also need to brief your family and friends on your program of teaching so that they can re-enforce it.



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